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Greetings from the Pastor

Hello! I am Pastor Darryl Curtis, and I welcome you to the Family Life Baptist Church website. We are always glad to talk to people about the Lord, either by email, telephone or in person.

My credentials on Bible Teaching and Family Life are both academic and experiential. I have a degree from Michigan State University, and have been a serious student of the Scripture for twenty-six years. I was called into the Gospel Ministry and ordained as a Baptist Preacher in 1984.

My experiental credentials in Family Life come from my thirty years of marriage to my beautiful wife Marie. We have one son who is twenty-seven years old and works as a technology consultant in Detroit, Michigan. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the fact that I only have one wife and one son in the world, that my wife and I have been able to stay together, working our way through our struggles to maturity in marriage, and that the Lord has blessed us to raise our son to be a successful young man through adolescence into adulthood.

We designed this website to allow you to access the sermonic presentations and other content that we produce each week. All of our content is available online either in text (.pdf), audio (.mp3), or video (.mp4) formats. The software needed to play these formats is also freely available online.

Should you have a question about anything that you see or hear on this website, or any religious topic, please feel free to contact me thru our website or call us directly at 517-393-9399.

God bless you, and I hope to see or hear from your soon.

Yours, in Christ,

Pastor Darryl Curtis
Family Life Baptist Church

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