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Our Mission
Our mission is to spread the Gospel, the Good News about Jesus Christ, to the Lansing, Michigan community. It is to present an informed, insightful, intelligent and convincing argument to those that are not saved that Jesus Christ was a person of history rather than imagination, and that the Biblical accounts of His death on the Cross as a sacrifice for our sins and His resurrection from the dead on the third day following His crucifixion are history rather than myth.

Our mission is further to present the premise that marriage and the traditional family, including the discipline of properly raising children, is the Godly path that will lead us to Christian maturity more so than any other endeavor that we can undertake.

More than a Meeting Place
We are a small congregation of Bible believing Christians that strive to be aware of how current trends in society develop and affect our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church motto is: “Informed, Insightful, Intelligent”.

We believe that the congregation is best educated by the processes of sharing information and questioning, thus our services are interactive. Our four components of worship are: the lecture, the question and answer period, the sharing of concerns and prayer requests, and communion.

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