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Who We Are

We are a small congregation of Bible believing Christians, meeting at 909 West Saginaw Street, in Lansing, Michigan, that strive to be aware of how current trends in societal develop affect our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church motto is: “Informed, Insightful, Intelligent”.

We believe that the solution to every one of our societal problems can be found in the Biblical doctrine shared with us between Genesis and Revelation.

We attend Church to obtain the mind of Christ, meaning, to have the Bible illuminated in our minds so that we can clearly understand the principles that Jesus taught and base our daily personal decisions on those principles.

We come to Church because we want to be obedient to the Bible, which is the doctrine of Jesus Christ, in an informed, insightful and intelligent manner.

We believe that the congregation is best educated by the processes of sharing information and questioning, thus our services are interactive. Our four components of worship are: the lecture, the question and answer period, the sharing of concerns and prayer requests, and communion.

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